Umbraco SEO Friendly URLS

Umbraco search engine friendly urls

This is relatively easy to do if you're using a recent version of Umbraco (any version 4.8 and above seems to work ok)

How to remove the .ASPX extension

First of all, to configure Umbraco to show URL's without the .aspx extension, you're going to need to locate the 'umbracoUseDirectoryUrls' setting in the ' appSettings' section of the 'web.config' file for your site.

<add key="umbracoUseDirectoryUrls" value="true" />

Once you've opened this file, all you need to do is change the 'umbracoUseDirectoryUrls' value to 'true'. Don't forget to save your changes.

How to remove the trailing directory slash

It's also possible to configure Umbraco to remove the final trailing slash on the URL . If you want to do this, locate the 'umbracoSettings.config' file. This can be found in the 'webroot\config\' directory of your site.

Open this file and locate the ' addTrailingSlash' setting in the 'requestHandler' section of the file.


Then all you need to do is to change the addTrailingSlash value to 'false'. Don't forget to save your changes.

I hope you found this tip useful.